Are you a business owner or a sales manager and are feeling.

Real Experience – Real Results

Working with B2B Sales for 35 Years

Conducted business in countries

I have extensive knowledge of International business, from my years traveling to 50+ countries, the main focus has been on Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe, where I have lived.

Years in sales

Significant sales achievement throughout his 35years in Sales

Experience from different industries

I have sold many different products, from industrial components, industrial grade controllers, professional power tools, sporting goods, fashion, technology solutions, SIM card solutions, WEB development, VAS solutions, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Money and something is probably left out.

Frustrated ?

Because you are seeing your profit dropping

Strained ?

About some of your branches not meeting their targets

Discouraged ?

By the lack of new clients to your portfolio

Annoyed ?

To see that so few of your sales professionals are contributing

Baffled ?

To see your competitors having success, while your business is struggling

Stressed out ?

That it is so difficult to breakthrough on the international

Worried ?

About the future of your business when losing old clients for no reason

Why is Michael Juhl qualified to assist you and your team to improve your sales results?

Two examples of Michael’s achievements

Largest improved profit from $0 million to $20 million

Increased the annual profit with $ 20 million; how did we accomplish it? We evaluated the service offerings and reduced the offering to; one service, one market, and one client group. By doing so, we managed to gain some large accounts.

(See below what the involved people have to say about Michael)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for 10+ years, during which he has helped me to grow Celtel/Airtel’s VAS revenue from something insignificant to revenues in the double-digit millions USD”

“He can see business opportunities and create completely new concepts”

George Held (Client)

Group Director, Products and Innovation, Celtel, Zain & Airtel

“so I know when I meet a good negotiator; Michael is one of the best I have ever worked with”

”I have found him to be focused on the benefits and outcome for both parties”

Ralf Mittelstaedt (Client)

Head of Sourcing, Zain/Airtel

“When Michael joined Inmobia, we didn’t have a clear focus. However, he quickly helped us to identify our strengths and focus on them, rather than simply going with what might be trendy in the market”

“Michael is extremely results driven. He landed several international customers/projects, and the most significant achievement was when he single-handedly managed to establish a business partnership with one of the largest African mobile operators, which soon became the largest account by far”

Jan Nielsen

CTO (Partner), Inmobia

Largest client gained $ 40 Million

Michael managed to establish a partnership with one of the largest Telecom groups in Africa, which became one of the largest client of the company he worked for.

(See below what the involved people have to say about Michael)

“Michael has a keen eye for good business and immediately saw the benefits in our products and services. He was then able to transform our product into appealing concepts that opened up new markets”

“He worked for two solid years on a very large account, and it paid off in a big way, as he was able to establish a business partnership, with a Telecom Group. It became one of our largest customers”

Thomas Kundssøn (Manager)

Vice President, XPonCard

“I have enjoyed working with Michael very much, as he is extremely trustworthy and I know that he always goes the extra mile to fulfill my expectations”

” Michael is a person who understands how to transform features into benefits, and then present them in a form that is easy to understand”

George Held (Client)

Group Development Director, Celtel

“Michael is a persistent sales professional that never gives up, if the client should say no to his proposal, he has a unique ability to, “with very few tweaks”, find another way to present the solution in a more appealing way”

“I am impressed with Michael’s eye for developing new business ideas and concepts”

Frank W. Larsen (Manager)

Vice President, EMEA Telecom, XPonCard

How I can help you improve your Sales Results

I transpose my skills and experience into driving other businesses’ performance, I work with business owners to increase business income, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities.

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The Business breakthrough program is designed to take your business through a process, where we work on the most important areas of your business in a systematic approach, which will deliver breakthrough results for your business.

Business Breakthrough

HandsOnSales Signature program

This is for business owner and CEO’s who wants to improve the Sales Results in a short time span, Michael will work with you and your team on the business for 6-12 months.

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