Business Breakthrough

The business breakthrough program is designed to take your business through a process, where we work on the most important areas of your business in a systematic process, which will deliver breakthrough results for your business.

So if you are feeling…

Frustrated ?

Because you are seeing your profit dropping

Worried ?

About the future of your business when losing old clients for no reason

Discouraged ?

By the lack of new clients to your portfolio

Annoyed ?

To see that so few of your sales professionals are contributing

Baffled ?

To see your competitors having success, while your business is struggling

Stressed out ?

That it is so difficult to breakthrough on the international market

Strained ?

About some of your branches not meeting their targets

…Don’t worry you are not alone, and with a little help you can change things.

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About the Business Breakthrough program

We will work Hands-On with you and your team, to create Breakthrough results.


  • We will help the sales team to become laser focused, working with the clients who are the best fit for your products and services
  • Together with your team we will find new ways to increase the average buy and the frequency of purchase
  • The HandsOnSales client evaluation sheet will help you assess your largest clients and your largest potential clients
  • We will sharpen the knives of the sales professionals and sales management *)
  • Every customer-facing-employee, will know the star products USP’s (Unique Selling Proposition) and FAB’s (Features Advantages Benefits) *)
  • Every sales professional can conduct a sales presentation *)

Products and services

  • We will develop a clear sales message for each of the top products and services
  • Together with your team we will look at your products and services, to define USP’s and FAB’s
  • We will look into your product and service offering and identify your star products and services.
  • We will negotiate better deals with your suppliers *)

The Management

  • Together with the management team we will identify your business competitive advantage
  • We will work with you to find the best suited business model for your market
  • In cooperation with the management team, we will develop a partnering strategy
  • We will establish partnerships with the relevant businesses *)


  • Sales supporting material will be optimized for the new message, so it’s aligned across all business units
  • We will look into the way you promote your products and services and we will fine tune the message, website, printed material, online promotion, off-line promotion etc. *)

*) this only apply for the Platinum program, where Michael is directly involved in the business

Silver Program

Our budget program
  • For the silver program we gather 8 to 10 business owners from non-competing industries, Michael will conduct group sessions using Skype.
  • Each business owner will share his or her progress and will receive valuable input from Michael and the fellow group members.
  • Includes:
  • Weekly 2 to 3 hours group session
  • Online training “the sales machine”
  • Online training “why do clients by”
  • Online training “trust means everything”
  • Client evaluation form (Word)
  • and more

Platinum Program

Our signature Program
  • This program is targeting the business owner who wants sustainable results, with a hands-on help from the experienced sales professional.