I work Hands-On in the clients business to help improve their Sales Results so that they can achieve their Goals, and in the process build their skills and have fun.

B2B Business breakthrough program

The program has four modules; Know the facts, Educate & Create, Goals & Strategy and Action plans & tracking. Each module is described in more details below.

Know the facts

The first module of the breakthrough program is to understand your business, as it is imperative for the following modules

Products & services

The first thing we will look at is your product and services to identify which is having the greatest impact on revenue and profit.


We will look at your clients to identify which is having the highest impact on revenue and profit.

We will find the reasons why; the clients are buying from your business, some of your clients have left but also why others decided to work with you.


In this phase we will look at your sales team and have a look at their overall performance, we will look at the sales process, routines, and systems.


We will review your business presence on the various online channels and social networks.

We will look at your promotional material such as sales presentations, catalog, and brochures.


We will look at your major competitors, new entrants, and possible disruptors.

We will also look at your partnerships and the results you have had because of those.

Educate & Create

In this module, you will be gaining new knowledge, and we will use it on your business directly to create guidance for your sales team.


We will use some proven tools to help us better understand the opportunities your products and services gives your business to improve your sales results.

We will review your business model and look at alternatives to find the most ideal for your business.

We will establish your business No. 1 FBI’s.

We will create a catalog of smart questions and ways to respond to your business most common objections.


We will look at the client’s world to understand what problems they might have or what opportunities that we can give them, resulting in them buying from you.

We will look at the decision-makers world, to understand what motivates them.

We will identify your ideal client

Sales force

We will discuss how the revenue can be increased and which works best for your business.

You will learn how you and your sales force can become more trustworthy.

We will develop a code of conduct for the sales force

We will update the sales presentations so they reflect the newly gained knowledge

Sales Management

We will train you in how to run a simulator with your sales professionals.

We will help you to improve your efficiency by optimizing the way you spend your time.

We will give you our guide on how to conduct right along’s

We will give you our guide on how to run sales meetings efficiently.

Goals & Strategy

In this module you will create the goals for the next 12 months and we will break down the budget and create strategies to support the goals.

Create a budget

We will look at your; current business results, the opportunities, the threats and end up with a budget for each business unit.

Client strategy

Will identify the clients that we want to focus on and which activities we have planned to improve the sales results. Identify which of your competitor’s clients you want to target to win them over and create a plan on which activities are needed to win them over.
Create a referral program.

Sales strategy

We will decides which industries we will focus on the next twelve months.

Product and service strategy

We will decide which product and service we will focus on the next twelve months.
We will create a plan on how to reduce costs.

Promotional strategy

We will create a promotional strategy, where we will spend our resources.

Partner strategy

We will create a plan for how we can establish partnerships with the ideal partners.

Plans & Tracking

Create plans which are linked to the company’s goal to each in the Sales organisation and implements follow-up system

Company plans

We will break down the companies goals to plans, which is actionable for management.

Plans for each business unit

We will break down the companies goals to plans for the business unit, which is actionable for business unit management.

Individual plans

We will break down the business units goals to plans for each individual.

Task System

We will help to implement a task system, if not already in place

Follow-up system

We will design a follow-up system that will be workable for your business, to secure that everybody is delivering on their promise.

 Expected results 

 Increased revenue & profit


Know the facts

You will get a helicopter view of your business and it will be possible to see areas to improve.

You will know which of your products and clients who are bringing in revenue and profit.

Educate & Create

-You will learn how to use proven sales tools

-You will get a catalog of smart questions

-You will get a catalog of ways to respond to the most common objections

-You will be able to conduct simulator training of your sales team

-You will become more efficient in the way you are operating

Goals & Strategy

You will have a strategy for all essential areas of your business which will secure improved sales results when implemented.

Plans & Tracking

Your entire business will be in sync, each person in your sales organization will know exactly what is expected of them.

You will have an overview of all the tasks which you have assigned and of course your own, that way you are in a better position to prioritize the tasks that will give your business results.

You will have a follow-up system in place, which will secure momentum.