References from Clients, Partners & Colleagues.


Jørgen Christensen (Manager)

CEO, FESTO Denmark

I could immediately tell Michael was a person who worked extremely hard to get results.

He quickly developed his selling skills and became our top account manager. Michael provided more than sales, as an example; Michael provided a “customer valuation”-system, which was soon used by other employees. With the incredible results, we kept seeing from him, we knew we had to give him an influential position.

We gave him a new responsibility as team leader for the external sales team, which allowed him to highlight his talent and share his knowledge with the rest of the sales team.

As Michael was very successful in winning over large customers from our competitors, we created a special role for him as a Competitor Key Account Manager. Where his sales-peers had most difficulty in succeeding, they would now pass the leads onto Michael. He was presented with a list of 10 potential customers. In only 12 months, he had ended up convincing five customers to change from their former supplier to Festo. 

Kim Lehmann (Manager)

Divisional Director, Berendsen PMC

I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Juhl on numerous occasions, and I have more than satisfied with the results he achieved. Michael is an incredibly focused and results-oriented professional.

He is diligent and methodical when gathering facts. This enables him to quickly make informed decisions.

Michael is adept at truly putting himself into new business arenas and is good at seeing business opportunities.

He is a proactive partner and tries to connect with people at every level of the organization. As a result, he is able to get a firsthand idea on how to practically develop and improve systems, and also methods to improve the output.

Kim Lehmann (Manager)

Program Director, Berendsen PMC International

I handpicked Michael to work for a small task force charged with the objective to prepare Berendsen PMC (a business of about 5 bill. DKK then) to be divested.

Michael’s assignment was to negotiate the sale terms and conditions with all of the major partners around the world.

He produced outstanding results which did not go unnoticed by myself or the other members of the management team.

Michael could point out the benefits and opportunities in a negotiation, and presented it to our counterparts in an appealing and accessible way.

Ralf Mittelstaedt (Client)

Head of Sourcing, Airtel Africa

I have conducted numerous high level negotiations in my life, so I know when I meet a good negotiator; Michael is one of the best I have ever worked with. In the negotiations I have had with Michael, I have found him to be focused on the benefits and outcome for both parties.

He is a tough negotiator, but knows when he is pushing the robe and quickly gets back on track.

Thomas Knudssøn (Manager)

Executive Vice President, XPonCard

Michael has a keen eye for good business and immediately saw the benefits in our products and services.

He was then able to transform our product into appealing concepts that opened up new markets.

Michael is a hard-working and extremely results oriented professional.

Michael is very persistent and once he puts his mind to a task, he devotes himself completely to its completion.

He worked for two solid years on a very large account, and it paid off in a big way, as he was able to establish a business partnership, with a Telecom Group. It became one of our largest customers.

Even though Michael is a very result oriented person, he is not afraid to share his knowledge among his teammates to help them improve.

George Held (Client)

Group Development Director, Celtel

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael for 10+ years, during which he has helped me to grow Celtel/Airtel’s VAS revenue from something insignificant to revenues in the double-digit millions USD.

Michael is a person who understands how to transform features into benefits, and then present them in a form that is easy to understand. I have enjoyed working with Michael very much, as he is extremely trustworthy and I know that he always goes the extra mile to fulfill my expectations.

He can see business opportunities and create completely new concepts, both of which have helped to grow our business partnership exponentially over the years.

Frank W. Larsen (Partner)

VP Mobile Security MENA, G&D

I have had the pleasure to work with Michael, as his manager and later as a partner, I can give him the highest recommendations.

Michael is a persistent sales professional that never gives up, if the client should say no to his proposal, he has a unique ability to, “with very few tweaks”, find a another way to present the solution in a more appealing way.

I am impressed with Michael’s eye for developing new business ideas and concepts.

Andy Chong (Client)

Senior VP & Head Group Marketing, Axiata Group

I have known Michael since 2011 when we worked on a project for Axiata.

Michael’s professionalism and commitment is commendable.

His business development approach is based on value selling and he is trustworthy in all aspects of his conduct.”

Jan Nielsen (Partner)

CTO & Co-founder, Inmobia

When Michael joined Inmobia, we didn’t have a clear focus. However, he quickly helped us to identify our strengths and focus on them, rather than simply going with what might be trendy in the market.

Michael is extremely results driven. He landed several international customers/projects, and the most significant achievement was when he single-handedly managed to establish a business partnership with one of the largest African mobile operators, which soon became the largest account by far.

Michael is an enthusiastic manager who can inspire and motivate his teams to achieve their goals and grow their personal skills, regardless of which of our offices in Denmark, Kenya, or Malaysia he is in.

Mwambu Wanendeya (Client)

Communications Director Africa, Zain

I have know Michael Juhl for a decade and we have workedtogether. He is a true professional who works hard and assisted mein achieving sales targets by providing the enabling environmentand technology. I highly recommend his work.

Bernard Njaramba Wagitu (Client)

Head of Projects Africa, Airtel

Michael is an engaging and thoughtful individual.

His pleasant personality coupled with his intense drive to ensuring his clients get the best has put him way ahead of the competition.

I enjoyed the business engagements that we had together as he came out as being a trustworthy, caring and a partner who took time to understand the needs of his customers.

Bradley Rae (Colleague)

Project Director, Inmobia

Michael is not just an ex boss or friend but a great teacher.

Michael taught me how to face my fears and overcome the dreaded “face the customer at meetings”.

Michael has taught me a lot over the years and one of these is sales, He has an incredible talent when it comes to selling, he will find the “best solution” for you the customer, as his fundamental belief is “there is no right solution, there is a best solution at any given time, but everything can be improved”

Titus Kiragu (Colleague)

Account Manager, Inmobia

I had the priviledge of being in Michael’s team, that managed our projects with Zain, Celtel and later Airtel Africa MNOs.

Michael understood the industry remarkably, from sales to products to marketing to management.

Together we successfully launched pioneering multi-country products like mobile money and we knew him as the man who always had project details at his fingertips.

Michael delivers excellence and know-how.

He is a very friendly person to work with, and who I unreservedly recommend.