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One of the main challenges which our clients are facing is the fact that sales engineers, sales managers, and management in most cases come with a technical background instead of a commercial one.

They will therefore focus more on their products’ features instead of how their products and/or services can help improve their client’s business.

This series of workshops is aimed to transform your sales force from being sales engineers focusing on their products’ features into being the client’s trusted business partner who focuses on the client’s business and how his products and services can positively impact the client’s business.


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Win the sales game

You may expect so see improved sales results over the next six months because the participants will understand why clients are buying. They will understand the B2B sales game. They will understand the FBI formula® (Features – Benefits – Impact). We will work hands-on with your business, and there will be lots of points which you and your team can proceed developing, or you can engage in one of the other programs in the series.

Client evaluation and planning system

You may expect to see improved sales results over the next six months because we will create client plans with each participant, both for current key accounts and for target key accounts. This will give the participants a deep understanding of the CEP tool® which they will be able to implement on all their big accounts.

Smart questions and answers

You may expect to see improved sales results over the next six months because the participants will understand how to use Smart questions. Furthermore, we will discuss objections and the reason why I believe that no sales engineer should have to deal with objections after this workshop.

We will work with the FBI model® on your products and services in order to ensure that we have the most important issues covered. We will work hands-on developing questions and teasers for your business so that your sales force creates an own catalog to pick from.

Become a trusted business partner

You may expect to see stronger partnerships and to increase sales and profit when your sales engineers implement the 4C model®. All participants will understand the 4C model®, and how implementing this model will improve their success rate.

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Social selling

Many industrial manufacturing companies are struggling to figure out the best way to use social media in their selling efforts. This program will help you to a better understanding of the various channels, and to find out which channels will suit your situation best.

Boost efficiency

In this program we will focus on the efficiency of the sales team’s daily, weekly, and monthly routines in order to find out which areas can be optimized through working a little smarter. This will release precious time which you can spend together with your clients.

Client specific programs

Sales coaching 1on1

The reason why sales trainings often fail is due to the fact that the participants spend a weekend/day getting all excited and motivated, but when they get back to their daily business  they will be so busy working the known routines that they do not find the time to work on their new experience and quickly forget all the good stuff from the sales training.


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Sales coaching is becoming more accepted amongst business professionals, and for good reasons, however, there is still a bit of reluctance in the industrial manufacturing community. If you compare to the sports world where the use of a coach is the norm for both recreational and top professionals, I’m a tennis player, and if you look at the best players, they will have a coach or even a couple of coaches to help them improve their game and stay on top.

Therefore, I recommend the use of a sales coach, who can hold you accountable and make sure that you will implement your strategic plan.

We offer to do the sales coaching either face-to-face or online using a voice/video platform.

Improve your distribution channels results

I live in Malaysia which is the center of South East Asia, the ideal place for companies who want to optimize the results of their distribution network in South East Asia. Having spent 10 years in this region I have obtained a good feeling of the way business is conducted here.


Expand to new markets

I have a strong network in South East Asia, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa which I would be able to engage in order to help my clients expanding into new regions.


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